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July 20, 2022

What Size Temporary Power Pole Do I Need?

wide photo of temporary power pole next to fence on a construction site

How do I power my construction site? It is an important question and at Poles and Holes, we are here to provide you with the information you need to pick the right temporary power pole for your site.

There are two kinds of temporary power poles and the type you will use depends on your site rather than your requirements. The first type of power pole is the overhead power pole; this power pole connects to overhead power supply (i.e. overhead power lines). The second type is underground power poles; these connect to underground power supply which can be accessed from your site.

Which One Do I Need?

This is a difficult question with a surprisingly easy answer! It is as simple as, what does your site have?

If there is a green pillar at the front of the property, then you will need to use an underground temporary power pole to power your site. On the other hand, if there are overhead power lines, you will need to use an overhead temporary power pole on your site.

To make your life easier, contact our team at Poles and Holes, we can walk you through which pole you will need and also submit all your paperwork to Energex!

How Much Power Do I Need?

The amount of power needed depends on what is being built on the site. However, for a usual house construction we would advise a 40amp temporary power pole. An example of this is our Domestic Site Pole that can be hired for your construction site.

For bigger commercial projects or if the client wants to live on-site while building, we generally recommend an 80amp temporary power pole. These are for larger sites that need to power a larger number of people than a normal construction site. Examples of this include our Underground Commercial Site Pole and our Commercial Site Pole.

Finally, if you are working on a large site that requires heavy machinery, including cranes, lifts, and dewatering pumps; you will need 3 phase power. This allows you to fully power your site and machinery with no concerns. Check out our Underground Premium 3 Phase (3Ø) Site Pole and our Premium 3 Phase (3Ø) Site Pole.

Still unsure which temporary power pole you require for your site? Contact our team today and we will help you find the right pole for the job!

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