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Temporary Power Pole Installation Guide

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Your construction site needs electricity to keep all the tools and equipment running! A temporary power pole is a private pole that has been set and connected to the network to provide power for your building site.
A temporary meter box and metering equipment are attached to the pole so that workers have the electricity they need to run their power tools. Poles & Holes is a reputable provider that can ensure safe and efficient delivery, installation, arrangement, safety inspection and the connection to the electric sockets.
Our Power Poles are available in five standard options and can be rented for the entire duration of the project.
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Temporary Overhead vs. Underground?
Temporary site power can be installed overhead or underground. The most common type of temporary electrical installation is overhead installations. The existing utility infrastructure at your construction site will usually determine which type of installation you will require.
Overhead Solutions 
Overhead installation is the most common and usually the most cost- effective option. Our electricians have the expert knowledge, resources and equipment needed to handle any size job. We will design and install the electrical system that will meet your specific needs.
Underground Solutions
For construction jobs that need temporary site power to be installed underground, we have you covered. Installation requires a trench to be dug and double insulated XLPE waterproof cables to be installed. The cables are installed in heavy duty conduit. The hirer needs to engage their Electrical Contractor to feed the cable up into the Energex green pillar and to check there are sufficient fuses available for the new connection. Only a licensed electrical contractor with a safety observer is allowed to remove the cover from the pillar to pull our cable from the pole into the pillar to make it ready for Energex to complete the connection.
To ensure everything is running smoothly and you avoid inconveniences during construction, here are some things to consider.
The existing power on the block
Before starting a temporary power pole hire Brisbane wide, you will have to determine whether there is existing power on the block or the meter has been abolished. Local legislation allows you to file a form to abolish permanent power to your home/facility, and apply for a connection to a power pole.

However, take note that there is a waiting period of 20 working days before you can connect to the power pole. During this interval, your provider can take care of the pick-up, installation and connection to the new electricity source.

To ensure the installation goes smoothly, you must ensure clear and unhindered access to the areas where the meters connect, disconnect and conduct reads. In case you choose to ignore this requirement and the site cannot be accessed when necessary, then the power company can charge you a fee for the wasted trip to the site.
Marking the spot where you will install the power pole
To prevent damage to other utilities – gas, water or phone lines running underground – it is advisable to mark the location where the builder’s power pole has to be installed. Considering that the power pole needs a 1300mm deep hole for the installation, marking the spot with paint or a stake is mandatory. On a side note, the possible damages to underline pipes and cables don’t fall under the responsibility of the contractors.
The requirements for underground poles
To install an underground builder’s power pole, contractors will usually have to dig a trench up to one metre away from the pillar. In case you want the power pole installed further away, then notify the provider immediately, so they can make the arrangements required for the installation. Take note that placing the pole into position will necessitate the use of a crane; therefore, you have to make sure the site has adequate room for this operation.
The prerequisites for a temporary power pole
According to the current legislation, you are not allowed to connect to a temporary power pole unless it has three support stays installed nearby. The Supply Authority also mentions that the support stays should have a radius of two meters from the base of the pole. In addition, the power pole and associated accessories must be positioned inside the work site perimeter, as mandated by the Energy Safe Guidelines. Once the installation is complete and you are able to connect, you are forbidden by law to tamper with any parts of the builder’s power pole.
Exclusion zone
Regardless of whether it’s a permanent or a temporary power pole, the structure requires a three metre exclusion zone around it. At the same time, you must make sure the service cables do not run across neighbouring properties. In case your project necessitates performing additional roofing, construction or a scaffold that can extend into the exclusion zone, then you will have to obtain safety advice from Energex.

The safety advice form can be found.

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