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Event Portaloos

What is the delivery area?
Our standard delivery area is 30km from our depot at Capalaba. For orders outside of the standard area will be charged at the standard rate plus $1 per km extra travel time.
What do I get for my money?
You get a state of the art fresh clean portaloo, ready to use with a light, hand soap and a mirror which comes standard for our toilet hire for construction sites.
Do I get a discount if I order multiple toilets?
Absolutely! We offer a 20% off discount for any extra toilets delivered to the same venue such as our portable toilet hire for parties or portable toilet hire for events.
How do you deliver?
We deliver using a crane truck with a 4 to 5 metre reach from the hardstand. We'll try to deliver the toilet exactly where you want it, but please note, due to the limited extent of the crane reach, toilet placement can sometimes be restricted when it comes to our portaloo hire Brisbane wide.
How can I pay?
Go to our Online Order Page to pay and order.
What will I need to supply?
Some of our clients provide a hand towel in the portaloo.
When do you deliver if the party is on a Saturday?
We deliver on a Friday and pickup on a Monday.
Can I book a delivery for a mid-week function?
Yes, we deliver to suit – Monday to Friday.
Can I move the portaloo after delivery?
It’s best not to as it will be a lot heavier after the function. ;)
What is the space required?
The portaloos have a footprint of 1200 x 1200mm

Builder Portaloos

What is the delivery area?
Caboolture to Beenleigh and west to Ipswich
What is the footprint?
1200mm x 1200mm
Will the portaloo be delivered on the exact date I specify?
Be aware that actual delivery date may vary from requested date due to stock availability and workload management.
How much notice do I need to give for a delivery?
We'll try and deliver the very next day after we receive your order, but can take longer due to other factors.
How are they delivered?
The truck pulls up either on the site or in front of the site. We deliver using a HIAB crane truck with a 4 to 5 metre reach from the hardstand. We’ll try and deliver your toilet exactly where you want it, but please note, due to the limited extent of the crane reach, toilet placement can be restricted.
Can it be delivered over a 2m fence?
Yes, depending on clearances from electric wires, etc
How often are the portaloos serviced?
Every fortnight like clockwork. Weekly servicing costs extra, ask us for more information.
What is the minimum rental term?
4 weeks

Temporary Power Poles

What is our standard delivery area?
Our depot is in Capalaba. For Temporary Power Poles we deliver as far north as Caboolture, south to Beenleigh and west to Ipswich. However we do deliver Poles on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and West of Ipswich for an additional $220 fee for delivery.
Will the pole be delivered on the exact date I specify?
Be aware that actual delivery date may vary from requested date due to stock availability and workload management.
How does power get connected to a temporary power pole?
Poles & Holes submit an EWR (Electrical Work Request) via the Energex Web Portal on the day the pole is installed.
What is a Retailer?
A Retailer is a company that sends you a bill for the connection of the Temporary Pole and the power used.
Which Retailer do I use?
It is your choice, however in our experience Origin and AGL are best equipped to handle any issues with temporary power pole connection.
Are there any charges from the retailer?
Energex do the work, but the retailer sends the bills. There is a new connection fee currently $509.85 + the number of kWh of power used (this varies from site to site). The new connection fee covers 2 visits by the Energex crew. One is to energise the temporary pole and the other to swing the wires from the pole to the permanent position at the end of the job.
How do I advise the Retailer that I wish to open an a/c?
Nominate a Retailer on our pole order form and your details will be sent to them at the same time as the EWR.
What is your timeline guidelines?
Please allow 5 to 10 business days from the installation of the pole to the connection of power by Energex. This time frame can increase due to factors such as traffic control requirements or Energex volume of work. We’ll keep you updated throughout the whole process if your connection delayed.
What about jobs on a busy road?
Any connection required on a block of land that touches a roadway highlighted in yellow in the UBD Street Directory must, by law, be scoped for traffic control. If Energex deems traffic control is required, then this can add 2 weeks to the job due to council permit timelines.
Does traffic control cost extra?
No. Energex pay all costs.
How do Poles & Holes know to pick up the pole at the end of the job?
We don’t unless you ring us and tell us the wires are off the pole.
What if there is no permanent connection required to a building and you just want to get rid of the pole?
You need to ring your retailer and request a “Supply Abolishment”. The supply abolishment process can take up to 20 business days. You can request to expedite this process when talking to the retailer and they’ll advise you that there’ll be an extra fee. Usually, they’ll complete the “Supply Abolishment” in 5 business days if you choose to expedite. Please call us when Energex has removed the meter and any overhead wires, and we’ll off-hire the pole and collect it as soon as possible.
Is there a different procedure for Underground Power Poles? 
We supply and install underground power poles up to 1 meter from the Energex pillar. We carry out the installation and removal of wires from the pillar under the safety supervision of a licensed electrical contractor, as required by Energex. The fee is variable, taking into account factors such as travel time to the site and the duration required on-site, influenced by specific site requirements such as mandatory safety induction. Upon receiving an invoice from our electrician, Poles and Holes will subsequently transmit these costs to the hirer.
Can we start the connection process early with Energex?
Yes, in certain circumstances we can submit the paperwork to Energex before the pole is installed and get the ball rolling.
What happens if we need to erect scaffold near the pole?
If you advise that you are within the exclusion zone we will send you a link to request a Energex Safety Advice.
What happens if we can't install the pole where you prefer?
Our installer will call before delivery with an ETA. So, it’s great if you are there to discuss, otherwise, he’ll call from the site if there are any issues.

Please be aware a call out fee of $90 may be applicable if we are told the site is ready and there is room for the pole and when we attend there is not.
Are temporary power poles safe?
Yes. Temporary power poles are safe provided they are correctly installed and maintained regularly. By hiring through a reputable company, we comply with regulations including mandatory inspections and testing.
Can installing a Temporary Power Pole save you money?
Yes, definitely. There are savings to be made by not getting Energex to carry out a Supply Abolishment of between $700 and $2000. Give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it.
Who is responsible for the testing of the Safety Switch after the “valid to” date on the sticker in the meter box?
The Hirer does the initial testing, then it becomes the business that hired the equipment to have a competent person to perform testing. Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 section 194 (page 77).

Poles and Holes will supply temporary power poles with a safety switch test sticker valid for approximately 6 months. The expiry date of the test and tag is noted on the test sticker. The hirer is responsible for the future testing and compliance of the safety switch beyond our test sticker date.

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