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July 20, 2022

Tips on Keeping Your Portaloos Hygienic

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Having portaloos at an event is one of the best investments you can make in keeping everyone clean and happy. Hygiene is a big deal, especially now, and giving guests access to a portable toilet or two can go a long way. But hygiene can get away from you quickly when there are lots of people using the facilities. That leads to the sorts of portaloos you have nightmares about, and it’s a shortcut to spreading germs that no one needs to be dealing with.

The company that supplies your portaloos should also be providing cleaning and restocking services. Cleaning portaloos doesn’t need to be a big job, and in between emptying the tanks, there are a few simple ways of keeping things hygienic.

Hire Enough Toilets for Your Event

It might not strictly be cleaning advice, but having enough portaloos to cater for everyone at your event is the best thing you can do to keep things clean. When you have lots of people sharing just a few toilets it can be hard to stay on top of cleaning and maintenance, and it means more people are touching the same surfaces. Hiring a few extra portaloos means you have some redundancy and can take some of your portable toilets offline for regular cleaning.

Disinfectant is Your Friend

At a busy work site or large event, the number of people filtering through a block of portaloos can be staggering. Having facilities prevents the people on site from taking matters into their own hands and creating a mess that’s much harder to clean up, but it does mean that dozens or even hundreds of people are coming into contact with the same surfaces.

Keeping portaloos clean has two major aspects. The first is using tank additives that disinfect the waste inside. Modern chemicals are much more environmentally friendly than in the past, and it’s now common to use enzymes that break down bacteria to keep the tank clean and minimise any odour in between emptying.

The other half of the solution is to properly disinfect the inside of the portaloo. For best results, most portaloos are cleaned using a disinfectant vapour that settles on surfaces and kills all the bacteria inside the cubicle. Make sure the company you hire your toilets from performs a comprehensive clean before delivery.

Air it Out

One of the main causes of wafty portaloos is a lack of ventilation. Modern units are usually designed to vent their holding tanks, but when they’re in heavy use and sitting in the hot sun the growth of odour-causing bacteria only accelerates. Leaving the doors of portaloos open when they’re not in use allows for some air flow that flushes out unpleasant smells and slows down the production of bacteria that make for an unpleasant experience.

Keep Touch-Points Clean

The full cleaning regimen includes disinfecting the entire portaloo, but the frequency of cleaning depends on the number of people using the facilities and it could be days between top-to-bottom cleaning. In the meantime hundreds of sets of hands can be touching the same taps, toilet paper dispensers, hand sanitisers and door handles, and disinfecting those surfaces is key. Regular cleaning with spray disinfectant should keep those high traffic areas clean and ensure that hand sanitiser stations are enough to stop guests from spreading germs.

Need to Book a Portaloo? Contact the Team at Poles & Holes!

Keep the people on your worksite clean and happy with the help of a few of our gleaming portaloos. The Poles & Holes team offer a full range of cleaning and restocking services that makes sure the portaloos you’re hiring arrive clean and stay that way for as long as you need them. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need our help keeping your portaloos clean!

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