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September 26, 2023

How to Set Up a Temporary Power Supply for Construction Sites

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Ever wondered how construction sites have enough power to build massive structures?

Every new construction starts from the ground up. That means there’s often no connection to utilities like power. But construction workers use a huge range of high-powered tools and equipment, so the electricity has to come from somewhere.

That’s where temporary power supplies come in. There are a few options available, and in this article we’ll look at how to set up a temporary power supply for your construction site.

What is a Temporary Power Supply?

New construction often takes place on sites with no connection to utilities. A lack of power, water and sewage is a challenge. Until permanent utility connections can be installed, most construction sites rely on temporary solutions, such as portaloos and temporary power supplies.

A temporary power supply ensures that construction sites have the power necessary to run tools, lighting and equipment. This not only makes the work go faster, it improves safety and comfort on site.

How to Set Up a Temporary Power Supply

Temporary power poles allow you to access the mains grid without installing permanent utilities connections. That’s convenient for new developments, commercial construction and for properties that have been disconnected from the grid. Setting up a temporary power pole is a straightforward process:

  1. Assess power requirements. Take a moment to figure out how much power you need and the duration of your project. Temporary power poles are a simple and effective solution, but they might be overkill if you only need to run a few low-power tools for a short time.
  2. Obtain permits. Like other types of electrical work, temporary power installations require permits. You may need to obtain permits yourself. If you work with licensed contractors like Poles & Holes, we’ll take care of obtaining permits on your behalf.
  3. Prepare the site. You should mark the location of the temporary power pole at the start of your project. Marking the power supply during building set out will prevent interference during the construction phase. Make sure you choose a spot where there’s plenty of clear area, stable ground and no overhead obstructions.
  4. Inspect the installation. Temporary power poles are subject to an inspection process. At the final inspection, your contractor will make sure the installation is safe and stable and that it doesn’t violate any building regulations (such as proximity to structures).
  5. Connect to power. With the temporary power pole in place, all you need to do is contact your utility company and have the supply connected! The utility company will come to site and perform their own checks. If they’re happy with how the pole and power system have been installed, they’ll connect you to the mains supply.
  6. Conduct safety training. It’s good practice to conduct a safety meeting and provide training on temporary power supplies. Especially if you are drawing power from overhead transmission lines, teaching operators to be mindful of the risk is crucial.

Alternative Power Supply Options

Temporary power poles are just one way of supplying electricity to your site. They’re an affordable and flexible solution, but they aren’t suitable for every installation. If you’re working in a remote area, don’t have room for a temporary pole, or if the project is short, you should weigh up the alternatives:

  • Generators. Many small-scale projects choose to use generators. Petrol and diesel generators are a great solution if you need small amounts of power, such as when renovating. The downside of generators is that they consume lots of fuel. If you’re running welders, power tools and machinery, generators aren’t the best solution if mains power is available.
  • Solar panels. Modern solar panel technology is capable of supplying huge amounts of power. When combined with battery storage, portable solar panels can easily provide enough energy for a small-scale worksite. The only downside is that solar panels are reliant on the sun. If you want to work on short or overcast days, you’ll need to increase the number of panels in the system.

Get your Project Off the Ground with Temporary Power Poles from Poles & Holes!

Don’t settle for expensive generators or sluggish solar panels – a temporary power pole can provide all the electricity your construction site needs! Temporary power poles are affordable, effective and easy to install. Plus, when you work with Poles & Holes, we offer flexible plans to suit construction works of every size.

Poles & Holes specialises in the supply and installation of temporary power poles. We work all over the Brisbane region, servicing construction sites, event venues, remote areas and much more. When you need electricity to get your project moving, our temporary solutions are the best way to get started.

Contact us if you want to know more about our services, including portaloo hire Brisbane wide, or to book your temporary power pole hire today!

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