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July 20, 2022

How to Hire Portaloos for A Construction Site

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Our portaloos have been described as “suited for royalty”. Sit your fine-self down on one of our portable thrones and take a break in style from the daily grind. You’ll never want to go back to work again. But of course, you want to share the love right? Ensure everyone on-site gets a chance to experience the comfort and the luxury of our builder portaloos, read on to learn the do’s and don’ts of portable toilet hire for your construction site.

When Do You Need It By?

You will need to ensure that you have your builders portaloos on-site prior to your workers starting on site. Queensland regulations state that there need to be toilet facilities on site for workers to use at all times while they are on-site. Have you left it until the last minute? Not a problem, we provide next day delivery of your portaloos. Our portaloos are lockable and so can be left on-site as required. Prior to starting any work, ensure you have the appropriate number of toilets. The number of portaloos you will need will depend on a number of factors.

How Many Will You Need?

The number of toilet hire for construction sites will depend on the number of workers you have on-site. There are legal requirements around how many portaloos you need to ensure there are sufficient toilets on-site for workers to use at all times. You should consider not only the number of workers you have on-site but also the number of hours they are on-site for.

Are they living onsite? Are they working full-time or part-time? These are factors you will need to consider when not only planning the number of toilets to have, but also the portaloo servicing schedule. The legal requirement is to have them serviced every two weeks but you may like to consider a more frequent servicing schedule. Your servicing schedule will also need to consider the length of time you will be hiring the portaloos for.

Consider the total number of working hours for the portaloos:

  • Example (A) - if you have 3 people on-site for eight hours a day for four weeks (20 workdays), this equals 480 working hours (3 people x 8 hours x 20 days).
  • Example (B) - if you have 3 people living full time on-site for 24 hours a day for four weeks (28 days), this equates to 2,016 hours (3 people x 24 hours x 28 days).

This shows that while in each scenario you have three workers on-site, you have over four times the number of hours the portaloos will need to service.

How Long Do You Need It?

You will need to keep maintained portaloos on-site for as long as you have people working at the site. Consider the expected length of the project with allowances for overruns and extensions. Our hire is charged at $44 per week (incl. GST) with a minimum hire of four weeks*. Included in the price of our portaloo hire is a full fortnightly service.

Do You Have an Area Put Aside?

You will need to ensure there is an area on your construction site dedicated to the rest and care requirements of your workers. This includes needing an area for your portaloos that is private and clean. The area that you set aside will also need to allow room for delivery and collection of the portaloos by our HIAB crane truck. Be careful not to build your portaloos in so that we are not able to collect them. Each portaloo has a footprint of 1200mm x 1200mm. You will also need at least 1000mm at the front to allow access and space for the door to swing fully open. Ensure the area is as private and well maintained as possible for the sake of your workers, shade can also be beneficial.

Ready To Hire Your Portaloo? Contact Poles & Holes Today.

Ready to experience the high-life of the best portable toilet hire in town? If you’ve done your due diligence and got your ducks in a row, contact us to make your booking today. We can take bookings from months in advance all the way up to the day before. We are THE portaloo hire company for your construction site and we help keep your trades happy with clean, modern and regularly maintained facilities. Don’t forget to check out our Temporary Power Pole hire for your construction site as well. Contact us on 07 3367 2237 today to make your booking.

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