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March 27, 2023

How to Fill a Portaloo With Water

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Portaloos are a pretty perfect solution for all sorts of events, worksites and parties. They’re compact, clean, convenient and low-maintenance. All you have to do is make sure they’re emptied on time and that there’s a bit of freshwater in the tank! Most of the time we’ll handle this sort of thing as part of your regular maintenance appointment. But it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at the water tank now and again to make sure your portaloos are ready for action. In this article we’ll go over how to fill a portaloo with water and which parts of the process you can handle yourself.

How to Fill a Portaloo With Water

Most portaloos aren’t hooked up to a freshwater supply. That means they’re great for remote sites, but it also means they need to be regularly refilled. Filling a portaloo with water is a simple process. You just need to:

  1. Fill the waste tank. Modern portaloos use a freshwater flush. To get things flowing, they are delivered with an initial “charge” of about 20 litres of clean water in the waste tank. This water is added through a fill port or via the toilet bowl, but it’s not something an event organiser needs to worry about.
  2. Add waste treatment chemicals. We add a dose of our treatment chemicals once there’s some water in the waste tank. These chemicals keep things fresh and clean.
  3. Fill the freshwater tank. Most new portaloos come with freshwater tanks. These tanks supply water for washing hands and/or flushing the toilet. Freshwater tanks can usually be filled through a port located near the sink. You can refill the tank yourself if it’s starting to look empty, just be careful not to overfill it.

The Magic Blue Chemicals

Filling, cleaning and restocking a portaloo isn’t rocket science. But it’s something you should let your portaloo supplier handle. The magic ingredient here is the treatment chemicals we add to the waste tank. These blue chemicals are specially formulated enzymes that deodorise and break down any waste that’s in the tank. That means things look and smell fresh, and you’ll never have to worry about standing downwind of a portaloo!

These days, commercial portaloo chemicals are a combination of perfumes, detergents and biocides. The good bacteria found in the blue stuff produces natural enzymes that break down organic human waste. That means your portaloos can go longer without needing to be pumped out and that they’ll stay smelling fresh and clean in between.

Avoid replacing these chemicals yourself. We use approved products that help us comply with regulations, and the wrong chemicals could cause a problem when we’re disposing of the waste.

Emptying the Waste Tank on a Portaloo

You’ll be glad to know that emptying a portaloo’s waste tank is a job for the pros! That’s right, you’re off the hook, we’ll take care of the messy stuff as part of our hire service. If you’re hosting a longer event then there’s no harm in getting in there to disinfect and wipe down surfaces once in a while. But emptying the waste tank requires special vacuum trucks and chemicals, so you’ll need to book a maintenance appointment with your portaloo provider.

When we come out to empty your portaloo’s waste tank, we’ll also take care of refilling the freshwater, replacing the special chemicals and cleaning the cubicle. By the time we’re done the blue box will gleam like it’s brand new! 

Don’t Forget to Keep Your Portaloo Stocked

Modern portaloos are more than just a waste tank in a blue box. They’re filled with all sorts of other comforts, like sinks, soap dispensers, hand sanitiser, hand towels and toilet paper. These things normally get restocked as part of your maintenance appointments. But, if you’re entertaining a big crowd or running out of supplies, make sure you’re replacing these other items as you go. Your event can get messy really quickly if your guests don’t have access to basics like soap and hand towels, so make sure you stay on top of your inventory.

Get Ready for Your Next Event with Toilet Hire Brisbane from Poles & Holes!

Portaloo setup and maintenance is nice and simple. That’s part of what makes portable toilet hire Brisbane such a convenient way to keep your event or worksite healthy and happy! If you need portaloos in the Brisbane region, get in touch with Poles & Holes today. Poles & Holes supplies state of the art portaloos throughout Brisbane, with our delivery area spanning from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast. We’ll take care of all your maintenance requirements as part of our agreement. That means you can rely on our team to be there to pump out, clean and refill your portaloos at any time! Contact us today to book our portable toilet hire for events or to learn more about our portaloo hire services.

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