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July 18, 2022

How Do Portable Toilets Work?

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How do portable toilets work, really? If you’re considering hiring a portable toilet for your event or building site, you might be asking yourself this question. In this article, we’ll give you a simple breakdown of how portable toilets work.

Much like a conventional toilet, a portable toilet flushes away waste. However, instead of the sewer, the waste is transported into a holding tank underneath the seat. Since the waste remains in the tank until emptying, chemicals are used inside it to reduce smells, break down waste and kill germs.

A portable toilet consists of 4 key parts:

  • Toilet seat
  • Flushing mechanism
  • Holding tank
  • Pressure system
  • The flushing mechanism

    When it comes to the flushing system, there are two alternative solutions. The toilet flush uses fresh water from a water tank  inside the toilet. Thanks to the flushing system and the holding tank keeping all the waste, portable toilets don’t need to be connected to a water supply.

    A flushing system in a portable toilet typically works with a foot pump to maximise hygiene. The system operates on pressure, which makes the water circulate inside the tank, then delivering it into the toilet through a pipe.

    How portable toilets are emptied and cleaned

    Due to their function, portable toilets must be cleaned meticulously. Human waste contains germs, which in turn can transport viruses and illnesses.

    The units are first emptied using a waste suction machine, which works like a vacuum cleaner, sucking the waste into an enormous storage unit.

    Next, portable toilets are professionally cleaned with industrial-strength anti-bacterial cleaning products. We make sure all the surfaces of our portaloos are up to the highest standard of cleanliness to ensure the safety of our customers. High-touch areas, such as door handles and seats, are treated with special care.

    Finally, chemicals are added again to the holding tank after the cleaning process to prepare the portable toilet for the next event. Before the toilet is off to the next event, toilet paper and other consumables are replaced.

    The advantages of portable toilets

    The main advantage of portable toilets is, of course, their transportability. Because they are completely self-contained, they can be placed pretty much anywhere – as long as there’s enough space. This makes portable toilets a popular solution for bathroom facilities at building sites or events with large crowds.

    As they don’t have plumbing, there’s no risk of a portable toilet getting clogged – although it may overflow. To avoid cleanliness and/or overflowing issues, make sure you get enough portable toilets for your event.

    How does portable toilet hiring work?

    At Poles and Holes, our party portaloo and builder portaloo hire service makes it easy to use portable toilets. Our Party Hire service includes delivery and pick-up, lights, soap dispensers and quality toilet paper. The state-of-the-art portaloos we hire also come with foot pumps for flushing and handwashing to keep things hygienic. Our building site portaloos come with a fortnightly pumpout and service, keeping them clean, fresh and replenished.

    Looking for an effortless and reliable portable toilet hire service? Contact the Poles & Holes team today.

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