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July 20, 2022

Why Hire A Portable Toilet For Your Home Renovation

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Renovations are a big investment. You want the biggest bang for your buck and a well completed renovation can breathe new life into your home for years to come. Your home can feel like new again, it becomes your showpiece and gives you and your family space to grow. As wonderful as the finished product will be, renovations take time, money and can be a disruption to your family’s routine. Minimise this disruption by staying in your own home during the renovation process.

We Buy You Time

You always need more time when renovating and time pressure can be compounded by countless factors. Anything you can do to reduce this stress will ultimately make renovating a more pleasant experience. Teamwork makes the dream work and being home during the renovations will allow you to consult with the tradesmen. This reduces time by allowing for troubleshooting problems on the fly or making amendments as you go. Ultimately, it means the project is completed to your satisfaction in as little time as possible.

We Save You Money

While a stay away from home is nice every now and then, hotels can be costly and staying with friends or family can feel burdensome. Afterall, there is nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed at night. If there are delays to the renovation a hotel stay could blow your budget, this is money that is much better spent on your home. Disruptions are expensive and labour costs could be only the beginning. The more money you save for your renovation, the more value you will add to your home.

We Help You Keep The Routine

A portable toilet lets you keep the comforts of home with minimal disruption. It will help you keep the disruption to a minimum by not needing to relocate during the renovation. You can replace your sole toilet, or keep the flexibility and convenience of a second toilet. Maintaining routine during the renovation will keep your family settled and provided for. Reducing disruption will give you peace of mind with minimal impact to you and your family.


If the hassle of your toilet being out of order is preventing you from going ahead with that much needed renovation then a portable toilet is your solution. No need to live out of a suitcase and worry about mounting accommodation costs or being a burden on other people. You can focus and get on with your day while the tradies get on with theirs. At only $40 per week* (+GST) you’re in control of your budget. Our toilets are delivered to you in immaculate condition. Everything is provided including GECA certified environmentally friendly toilet paper. We will service your toilet every two weeks (or more regularly by special request) and this includes cleaning and replenishing toilet paper and fragrance. Contact Us today for a quote.

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