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August 19, 2022

How Long Can You Use a Temporary Power Pole?

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Electricity is something most people take for granted. It’s an amazing invention that’s become so commonplace we don’t even stop to think about it before switching on the lights. But not every block of land has a good electrical supply. Especially in places that are a bit further from town or on newly released land, there often isn’t power directly to the block. That’s obviously an issue if you’re building a house and hoping not to hammer every nail in by hand. The good news is that temporary power poles can be installed on most blocks so that you’ve got a steady power supply for the duration of your project.

When Are Temporary Power Poles Used?

The most common use for temporary power poles is on construction and renovation sites, but you’ll also see them being used for things like disaster relief. Temporary power poles tap into a nearby power supply and deliver electricity to electrical sockets on site. This power is metered and can be connected to the service provider of your choice.

Whether you’re building a home or have another project in mind, temporary power poles are mostly used for medium-term works. Short term power is typically handled by generators. Long term supply is usually handled by a permanent electrical installation. For projects that fall in between, temporary power poles are the ideal choice because they’re safe, cost-effective and much quieter than generators.

How Long Do You Need Power?

Temporary power poles are a great idea for all sorts of projects. If you’re working on a property that doesn’t have a permanent electrical installation, temporary poles mean there’s no need to hold things up while you wait for a permanent power installation.

But, being temporary, power poles aren’t designed to be on-site forever. Overhead temporary poles can be bulky. They’re tall, and they have a wide base for safety and stability, and it means they take up a lot of space. Underground power installations are easier to work around, but installing them requires trenches to be dug. That means the biggest question you need to ask yourself is: how long do I actually need power for? Projects like building a house often take 4-8 months, but you might not need a temporary power supply for the whole project. On the other hand, large commercial projects could take years to complete, and temporary power might be needed for much longer stretches of time.

The ideal solution for all construction and renovation work is to aim to have your final electrical supply installed as early as possible. Once the site has its permanent power and meter, the temporary power pole can be taken down.

Rental Terms Depend on the Hiring Company

Once you know how long you need to hire a power pole for, you can shop around and see who’s offering the best deal. Every company has slightly different rental terms. That means you might have to make a few phone calls before you find a company that can supply temporary power for as long as you need it. For example, at Poles & Holes, our rental term is typically 12 weeks. After the 12 weeks have expired, customers can pay a weekly rental fee to keep their power pole for the remainder of the project - however long that takes. That means there’s no need to sign a new long-term contract or go through the hassle of switching companies midway through the work, you can simply continue until construction is completed.

Need to Rent a Power Pole While You Build? Contact Poles & Holes Today!

If you’re building, renovating or need a temporary power supply for your property, get in touch with the Poles & Holes team! We supply both overhead and underground temporary power installations that are perfect for residential and commercial projects. We can even supply 3-phase solutions for more specialist and demanding jobs! Our power poles are available for 12 weeks and up, so you can hang onto yours until the work is completed. If you’re unsure about the best power solution for your site then get in touch with us today! Have a look at our temporary power pole options on our website or speak to our team to make a booking.

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