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April 3, 2024

How Hygienic are Portaloos?

Hygienic Portaloo Hire in Capalaba

As suppliers of portaloo hire across Brisbane, we stand behind our quality and cleanliness of our portaloos. With many different events and locations requiring portaloos, how many portaloos are available, all play into how hygienic a portaloo is.

In this article, we’ll talk about the general hygiene of portaloos and how this can be affected through different applications, and how these can be remedied.

The Importance of Hygiene in Portable Toilets

Keeping a portaloo clean and hygienic is incredibly important. There’s nothing more off putting than a dirty toilet or bathroom, so you would be just as disgusted to see a dirty portaloo used by many other people. It’s important to note that our portable toilets are cleaned regularly, even more regularly than people clean their own toilets! We also service our construction portaloos fortnightly, emptying waste, thorough deep cleaning, and replacing of chemicals which break down waste and make odours disappear.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Our process of cleaning for our builders portaloos involves a fortnightly service. After use and before drop off of your portaloo, we also vacuum from a vacuum hose into a truck with the waste disposed of back at our depot. Then using specialty commercial surface cleaning products, the interior is wiped down with pressure washers also used. Then, using specific environmentally friendly chemicals for the portaloo, the waste is broken down and odours are eliminated. Finally, prior to delivery of your portaloo, we release an antibacterial mist which gets into every crevice to kill any bacteria.

It’s important to note that responsibility of cleaning during portaloo hire falls on any cleaning staff or user. For events, it would be the duties of cleaners to regularly inspect and clean, with the use of PPE and commercial surface cleaners. The same also applies to construction, but for shorter term hire, it may not be feasible for cleaners and falls back to an individual responsibility.

The Role of Users in Maintaining Hygiene

Individual users can maintain their hygiene through the following:

  • Hand washing using the soap dispenser
  • Reporting any issues with hygiene to event staff or site managers
  • Ensuring waste is disposed of properly
  • Only waste and toilet paper is flushed
  • Other waste such as paper towels are placed in bin
  • Sanitary items are placed in sanitary bin (provided by the hirer)
  • Sharps in secure sharp container

Hygiene Practices in Different Events and Locations

Whilst portaloos all serve the same purpose, the amount of waste will change the hygiene practices. A small outdoor event with less than 50 guests with 2 portaloos versus a music festival with thousands of punters needing 20 or more portaloos, will both alter this. The same cleaning processes are followed, however, the latter will affect resources such as:

  • Adequate cleaning staff
  • Training of cleaning staff to clean portaloos
  • Regular disposal of regular and sanitary bins
  • Having enough PPE for staff and cleaning equipment

We’re well aware of the expenses incurred for these resources, which is why we advise you to contact us so we can go through any long term and event portaloo hire. Cleanliness of your event, including your portaloos, can be a direct representation of the event itself based on your event goers, so it’s not best to cut corners when it comes to proper planning.

Solutions for Hygienic Portaloos

As a long standing, experienced portable toilet suppliers and hire business, who pride themselves on cleanliness and a hygienic experience, we’re here to provide you with excellent advice and service when it comes to portaloo hire for events or construction sites.

If you have any questions concerning hiring portable toilets for your event or construction site, give us a call on 07 3367 2237 or get in touch today.

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