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January 16, 2023

How Do You Clean a Portable Toilet?

Cleaning a portaloo

It might not be an age-old question, but it’s one we get a lot – how do you clean a portable toilet exactly? People always seem to ask in hushed tones like it’s a forbidden topic, but the reality is far less scary than some of the myths you’ve heard.

A good pair of gloves and a spray bottle full of cleaner is all it really takes to keep a portaloo looking like new! If you’re really keen to learn more, we’re going to run through the process to find out how we keep our portaloos looking like a million bucks.

How Do You Clean a Portable Toilet?

What’s that? Cleaning portable toilets isn’t your favourite job? Well there’s really nothing to be afraid of! Manufacturers know what their portaloos are up against, so they design them to be easy to clean with a few simple steps. Depending on how dirty things have gotten, it’ll only take us a few minutes to return your portaloo to perfect condition:

  1. Empty the waste. We hook up a big vacuum hose to the portaloo’s waste tank. The waste is sucked out and stored on a truck to be taken away and disposed of properly back at our depot.
  2. Clean the cubicle. Next, the inside gets a thorough wipe down with speciality surface cleaners. These can take care of any dirt, germs and bacteria that are making themselves at home.
  3. Replace the chemicals. Finally, we replace the chemicals in the holding tank. These environmentally friendly chemicals are designed to eliminate odours and break down the waste, so they’re a pretty important piece of the puzzle.

And that’s it! Three steps to a clean portaloo. It only takes us a few minutes to clean each cubicle. That means we can keep your toilets clean and ready for action without disrupting the party!

Portable Toilet Cleaning Products

Different companies each have their own ways of cleaning portaloos. We like our portable toilets to have that freshly-cleaned sparkle, and it only takes three cleaning products:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Commercial surface cleaners
  • Pressure washers

It’s also worth having a word about PPE. Humans aren’t the cleanest bunch, and tidying up a plastic throne can be harmful to your health if you aren’t careful about it. If you’re going to tackle the cleaning work yourself then we strongly recommend wearing thick gloves (like the kind your nana uses to wash dishes) at the very least. A mask and eye goggles are also a good idea if you’re spraying antibacterials or working in confined spaces.

The final part of the cleaning routine happens prior to delivery. To make sure we’ve taken care of every little germ, our portaloos are cleaned with an antibacterial mist. The mist fills the cubicle and gets into every little nook and cranny to kill bacteria and protect your guests!

How Often Do Portable Toilets Need to Be Cleaned?

Portable toilets need to be cleaned at least once a month. If it’s being used a lot or by a large number of people, you might want to consider a weekly or daily cleaning schedule. The good news is that modern portaloos are designed to be super easy to clean. They don’t have any hiding spots that accumulate dirt and bacteria. That means most surfaces can stay fairly clean on their own.

Trailer Mounted Portable Toilets companies typically offer a cleaning program. If you aren’t a big fan of cleaning plastic temples on your own, it’s definitely worth engaging someone else to do the work. Talk to them about how your portaloo is going to be used and they’ll be able to design a cleaning program that suits.

Generally speaking, frequency of cleaning depends on the number of toilets, the number of people and the length of the event. More people means more cleaning. More food and drink also means more cleaning… Guests who can’t aim means more cleaning… Really, you just need to play it by ear, and contact the cleaning crew (or handle it yourself if you’ve got some gloves) when the cubicle looks like it could use a bit of a wipe down.

Getting Ready for Your Next Event? Hire Portable Toilets from Poles & Holes!

That old chestnut about portaloos being unhygienic doesn’t have to be true! In reality, portaloos are made so that they’re easy to clean, and a regular wipe down is all it takes to keep yours looking (and smelling!) fresh.

If you aren’t up to the task then Poles & Holes is happy to take care of the mess for you! We supply portable toilet hire for events and worksites across Brisbane. Our stock includes the latest and greatest portable toilets, and we’re more than happy to provide regular cleaning and emptying for the polyurethane thrones on your site!

Give us a call if you’re planning an event – we’ve got you covered with portaloo advice, delivery and cleaning for any occasion. Not only do we offer portaloos, but also Temporary Power Pole Hire Brisbane wide.

Learn how to properly clean and maintain a portable toilet with our step-by-step guide. From emptying the holding tank to scrubbing and disinfecting, we've got you covered. Keep your portable toilet hygienic and in good working condition with these easy to follow instructions.

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