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July 20, 2022

Construction Site Toilet Requirements in Queensland

wide photo of a temporary pole on a construction site

The Queensland Government has outlined rules and regulations that keep Queensland workers healthy and safe in their work environments across all industries including providing proper access to bathrooms on site.

Increased Productivity

While providing toilets on construction sites can be easily overlooked, having one is not only required but also helps to improve the productivity of workers. It has been proven over time that employees who are happy and comfortable in their work environment are more productive. Providing an on site toilet will also help to decrease the time employees have to seek out alternatives.

Avoid Fines and Other Penalties

An employer is responsible for providing a healthy and safe work environment which includes providing adequate facilities to employees. Not doing so can mean the employer faces fines and potential loss of licence.

Toilet Requirements in Queensland

Here are some of the things you need to ensure for your construction site:

  • Number of Toilets: The number of toilets required for a site is based on the amount of employees that will use it. An employer may also need to provide a separate toilet for men and women however if there are less than 10 workers on site or only one or two who are one gender than one unisex toilet is all that is required. For sites with more than 10 workers, one toilet is required for every 20 males. For female workers, one toilet per every 15 workers.
  • Access and Provisions in Offsite Construction Areas: All toilets must be located near the workplace. In the case of offsite construction areas, the toilet must be located within the parameters of the site and all employees must be made aware of its location.

Access to toilets is the right of all workers in Queensland so to ensure that your construction site is compliant with the law then having the correct amount of portable toilets is essential.  Get in touch with our team today to book a portaloo for your next construction job.

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