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July 20, 2022

Are Portable Toilets Environmentally Friendly?

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That line of portaloos at the local markets isn’t exactly the most picturesque sight in the world, but imagine what those markets would be like if the organisers didn’t supply them at all. Probably uncomfortable at best, and messy at the worst.

Even if the glorious green boxes don’t excite you, they're cleverer than you think, and not just because they give you a place to find relief. Portaloos actually do a pretty good job of helping out the environment, and they’re better than a lot of the alternatives.

Water Savings

The average dual flush toilet that you’ll find in most modern homes are pretty water-efficient, but they still consume about 5 litres for every half flush. Do that a few times a day for every person in the house and the amount of water adds up quickly.

Since portaloos use barely any water the impact on the local plumbing is much lower. Your family is happy to spend a few dollars a week on the water it takes to flush the toilet, but what happens at large events or on building sites with dozens or hundreds of people? The water consumption adds up fast. It’s expensive for the site owner, bad for the environment, and it makes the entry tickets just a little more expensive.

Ensure Waste Is Disposed of Properly

Humans create so much waste that we’ve developed a whole range of special ways to treat and neutralise it before we send it back into the waterways. It keeps us happy and healthy and safe, and it means our waters stay unpolluted. The fish are definitely grateful for that, we’re sure.

Portaloos make it easy to dispose of waste properly, and it protects the environment around us. Just imagine what would happen if you held a music festival with no portaloos available. Sooner or later people would begin to take matters into their own hands. In small doses that won’t do any harm to the local plants and wildlife, but if dozens or hundreds of people are contributing then your weekend markets quickly become a scene from a horror movie.

Plus, lots of waste can damage the local wildlife. Plants don’t love being used as bathrooms and animals are just as prone to bacteria and diseases as humans are. Portaloos protect all the cute fuzzy creatures that run around in the bush and we’re pretty proud of that.

Better Public Health

Keeping clean is the secret to eternal life. Or, at least, it’s the secret to a longer life. Back in the dark ages when 20 years old was middle-aged they didn’t really understand hygiene, and that’s why they only lived to 40.

Disposing of waste properly is better for the environment and it’s better for the people who want to live there. Less spread of germs means less spread of sickness and that means we all get to live a little longer. And portaloos do double duty because they also offer other options for keeping clean, like sinks and soap, so it’s even harder for germs and bacteria to be tracked all over the place accidentally.

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It’s time to do your bit for the environment and make sure there’s a shining line of our beautiful portable toilets at your next event. The Poles & Holes team are always around to take bookings and questions, or we can help you create a plan that keeps your guests or trades happy and healthy while they’re on site. Contact us today to reserve your thrones!

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