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February 27, 2023

Where to Dispose of Portable Toilet Waste

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Everyone’s grateful for the sight of a gleaming portaloo when there’s no other facilities around, but no one ever wants to talk about what happens to the waste. And it’s true, it might not be the most glamorous part of the job, but waste disposal is a big part of how we keep your guests clean and happy. So, how and where to dispose of portable toilet waste? If you guessed that it’s not as simple as tipping it down the drain then you’d be right. There are all sorts of rules and regulations that come with waste disposal. By disposing of waste correctly, we’re doing our part to look after the environment and avoid contaminating water treatment systems with unwelcome chemicals.

How Is Portable Toilet Waste Treated?

The main problem with the waste we collect from portable toilets is that it’s a much higher concentration than whatever you’re flushing down the drain at home. Portaloos use large holding tanks that recycle a small amount of water when flushing. That means the waste to water ratio is very high, and it can’t just be tipped straight into the sewerage system as-is.

The treatment of portable toilet waste begins in the holding tank. These days we use special enzymes that break down and treat the waste that’s being stored. These enzymes keep on top of the bacteria and help to keep things smelling fresh while the portaloo is still in use.

Once we’ve collected the waste from the holding tank it’s taken to a designated disposal point. Disposing large amounts of portable toilet waste requires certain permits and information about the quality and quantity of waste, as well as any chemicals that were added. If the waste doesn’t meet the right standards then it may need to be diluted with water before it can be disposed of.

Where to Dispose of Portable Toilet Waste

If you’re emptying a small portable toilet (like for camping) then you just need to make sure you’re disposing of waste at a designated dump point. Alternatively, you can empty the camping toilet into a fixed toilet that’s attached to a sewerage system. Never empty a portable toilet into a septic system. The chemicals in the toilet can kill the bacteria that make the septic system work properly.

Disposing of the waste that we collect from portaloos is a little more challenging. Modern portaloos can hold about 400 litres of waste (that’s about 800 uses), so it needs to be pumped out and transported to a specialised disposal facility. These disposal facilities are designed to prevent excessive amounts of waste and treatment chemicals from being dumped into our sewerage systems.

How to Tell When it’s Time to Empty Your Hire Toilets

Modern hire toilets come with measurement marks that can tell you how full the holding tank is. That means it’s easy to plan ahead and book a maintenance appointment with our team. You also need to empty your portaloo if you notice any of the following signs:

  • The flush water is no longer tinged blue or if it no longer smells like deodoriser
  • Water from the holding tank is visible in the bottom of the toilet bowl
  • The cubicle itself is becoming dirty
  • Consumables like fresh water, hand sanitiser and toilet paper are beginning to run out

Portaloo companies usually offer a single maintenance service to empty the holding tank and restock the cubicle at the same time. Even if the holding tank isn’t full, if you’re running out of toilet paper or if the cubicle needs cleaning, it’s time to book your next service appointment.

Avoid the Stress and Mess of Handling Your Waste with Poles & Holes!

Yeah, so, emptying portaloos isn’t everyone’s favourite topic, but it has to be done! Whether you’ve got portable toilets for a party, event, festival or a construction site, they’ll need regular maintenance. If you’d like to avoid the stress that comes along with an overflowing portaloo then get in touch with Poles & Holes! Poles & Holes offers toilet hire Brisbane and specialises in dealing with mess so you don’t have to. We’ve got a huge stock of state-of-the-art plastic thrones that are perfect for keeping your event or worksite looking spotless. The best part is that we handle any emptying, cleaning and maintenance you need! When it’s time to dispose of your portable toilet waste, we’ll be there to pump it out and tidy things up, keeping your portaloos sparkling clean. Get in touch with us if you want to make a booking or if you’d like to know more about our services!

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