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December 21, 2023

Temporary Power Poles vs Permanent Power Poles

Temporary Power Poles vs Permanent Power Poles

New construction comes with lots of challenges. But you can’t even think about the small details until you’ve taken care of one big issue: powering your site.

Powering a construction site isn’t always easy. Many new sites don’t have an existing connection to power. Other times, you may be tearing out the old supply before the new build can begin.

That leaves you in the tricky position of figuring out how to get power to your site. You could install a permanent power pole, but temporary power poles are a tempting alternative. The right option depends on your budget, the scope of the project and your clients’ requirements.

In this article we’ll compare temporary power poles vs permanent power poles to see which is better for your project.

Temporary Power Poles

No surprises here. Temporary power poles are exactly what they sound like – temporarily installed power poles that provide a connection to the mains grid.

Temporary power poles are quick and easy to install, they’re affordable, and they are compatible with all local grids. These types of power poles are ideal for both above and below ground power supplies, as well as single and 3 phase power.

Using a temporary power pole is pretty easy. We install a pole on your site and you can get to work. Once you’ve installed the site’s final power connection and meter, we take the pole down and you can use electricity straight from the grid. Simple.


The major benefit of temporary power poles is that they’re affordable. At Poles & Holes, prices start from just a few hundred dollars for simple domestic site poles. Prices increase if you need a commercial pole, underground power, or if you need 3 phase power for commercial and industrial machinery.

Keep in mind that the price you pay for a power pole covers a limited rental period – typically 12 weeks. If you still need power after the contract is up, you can continue renting the pole for a weekly fee (about $35-$60/pw).

Depending on how your site is set up, a temporary pole can also save you money if you need to remove Energex wires during demolitions and construction projects. With a temporary pole, we can swing power from the existing connection onto a pole with a meter. That saves you about $1,000 in traffic control fees, and it means your trades can get to work sooner.

Installation Requirements

Temporary power poles come with all the normal electrical risks. They’re subject to strict permit requirements. The good news is that your hire company will usually take care of this.

At Poles & Holes, we’ll deal with local permits and any inspection requirements. Once we’re done, you can call Energex and they’ll connect your temporary power pole so work can finally begin!

The process is quick and simple, and our team does all the legwork, so you don’t need to worry about compliance, permits or safety concerns.

Permanent Power Poles

Your construction site needs power. But so does the completed building. In some cases, installing a permanent power pole at the outset is the right solution.

Installing a permanent power pole may be your best option for projects like knockdown rebuilds where the existing grid connection is temporarily out of service. Otherwise, permanent poles are good for sites where connecting to the grid is dangerous (e.g. if there are trees obstructing the power lines).

Talk to the client about their requirements. Installing a permanent power pole will cost more upfront. But, if they’re going to need the power pole down the line, or if they want better control over the power on their property, it’s a good option.


Installing a permanent power pole can cost thousands of dollars more than a temporary solution. The trade off is that you have the freedom to install an electrical connection that best suits your needs.

Installation Requirements

Permanent power poles are no more complicated to install than temporary poles. The real difference is that they are permanently set in concrete.

You’ll be able to choose between timber and steel poles. Each offers its own benefits:

  • Timber power poles last longer (25+ years) and are less conductive to electricity. But they’re much heavier, and often require lifting equipment to install.
  • Steel power poles are very affordable and are easy to install without lifting equipment. But they deteriorate faster and tend to be shorter than timber power poles, which may not be ideal.

Deliver Your Next Project with Temporary Power Poles by Poles & Holes

Permanent power poles have their place on construction sites, but they’re often less cost-effective than a temporary solution. Installing a temporary power is an affordable way to ensure your site has all the electricity it needs. If you’re starting a project and need some juice, get in touch with Poles & Holes!

Poles & Holes supplies temporary power poles across Brisbane. If you’re renovating a house, building a new home or putting up an entire apartment building, we can get you connected to the grid. Our poles are pretty impressive, with your choice of above ground and underground power supplies, single and 3 phase connections. That means you’ll have plenty of energy for any project!

Choose a temporary power pole solution from Poles and Holes. Swing power from your house onto a pole with a meter box, providing on-site power for trades. The best part? No additional charge for traffic control, saving you approximately $1000!

Don't let Energex wires slow you down. Contact us now for hassle-free wire removal, or give us a call if you’d like a quote on temporary power pole hire.

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