Timeline Guideline

Please allow 5 to 10 business days from installation of the pole to connection of power by Energex.

Every endeavour will be made for installation on the target date. However, due to other circumstances the date cannot always be guaranteed. If a delay occurs, the pole is usually installed within 4 days of the target date.

General Guidelines

The installation charge is higher for underground supply poles where only an authorised person (usually a registered eletrician) and a safety observer is allowed to work with the Energex green pillar box.

An out of area charge of $175 + gst  is applicable for deliveries outside our standard delivery area of Caboolture to Beenleigh to Ipswich.

Rental Charges

The first invoice from Poles & Holes will be made up of the following:

Installation fee + 12 weeks rental. Rental in excess of 12 weeks will be charged at the weekly rate. The installation fee covers the testing of the pole and submission of Form 2 to Energex.

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